Introducing Lahore Entertainment City, a remarkable housing venture by AL Jalil Developers, a distinguished name in Pakistan’s real estate sector. This mega development stands as a testament to modern living, seamlessly blending comfort and convenience to create a family-oriented lifestyle experience in Lahore.

All of AL Jalil Developers’ projects, including the renowned Al-Jalil Garden Housing Scheme, Al-Noor Orchard Housing Scheme, and Al-Baari Residencia, have enjoyed immense popularity and success. This legacy of excellence is carried forward into Lahore Entertainment City, assuring residents of the same commitment to quality and satisfaction.

Lahore Entertainment City offers an unparalleled experience of fun, happiness, and joy. This unique society revolves around a theme park, providing boundless entertainment. Its exceptional connectivity makes it easily accessible from four major cities. Infused with smart technology, it redefines modern living.

Lahore Entertainment City Owners and Developers

Notably, Al Jalil Developers has ventured into groundbreaking initiatives, including Pakistan’s first-ever purpose-built entertainment city, Lahore Entertainment City. This landmark project reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and redefining the real estate landscape in Pakistan.

Beyond residential projects, Al Jalil Developers has made significant strides in commercial ventures, contributing to the development of mega commercial projects. The introduction of community living in Pakistan is another feather in their cap, showcasing a commitment to creating holistic living environments.

The proud heritage of Al Jalil Developers extends to generations of satisfied customers, a testament to the company’s foundation of excellence, innovation, and vigilance. More than just providing houses, Al Jalil Developers strives to offer peace of mind and a secure future to its valued customers.

Lahore Entertainment City NOC

Lahore Entertainment City is actively pursuing the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Lahore Development Authority (LDA), a vital step to ensure compliance with city planning standards. This ongoing effort emphasizes the project’s commitment to meeting all regulatory requirements. The aim is to become a fully approved and authorized development under the Lahore Development Authority’s jurisdiction. Prospective investors and residents can anticipate updates on this crucial regulatory milestone. Stay tuned for more information on the project’s progress and approvals.

Lahore Entertainment City Location

Situated as a beacon of high-investment potential, Lahore Entertainment City in Muridke is strategically located on the Main GT Road. At the heart of modern Lahore lies the Golden Interchange, a central hub that enhances connectivity and accessibility. Situated just minutes away from the Golden Interchange, Lahore Entertainment City beckons with a grand 250 feet wide entrance on Main G.T. Road.

The strategic placement of Lahore Entertainment City on Main GT Road not only enhances its investment appeal but also makes it a prime location for those who prioritize accessibility and connectivity.

Lahore Entertainment City Neighborhood

Lahore Entertainment City enjoys proximity to key landmarks, enhancing its connectivity to neighboring residential areas.

  • Usman Garden muridke
  • SA Gardens Phase 1
  • Iqbal manzil
  • Luxurion Gardens

Lahore Entertainment City Accessibilities and Connectivity

The accessibility factor adds another layer of allure to Lahore Entertainment City. Its proximity to the Lahore vicinity makes it an appealing choice for residents seeking a sophisticated lifestyle. With easy access from both the Lahore Ring Road and the KSK interchange, residents will enjoy seamless connectivity to major transportation routes, ensuring convenience and swift travel.

Lahore Entertainment City Plot Sizes

Lahore Entertainment City offers 1 & 2 Kanal Residential Plots, 5 & 10 Marlas Residential Plots, and farmhouses, providing diverse living options to suit various preferences.

Lahore Entertainment City Payment Plan

Lahore Entertainment City offers an easy and affordable payment plan, designed to suit your financial convenience. The plan consists of 30 monthly installments, along with 5 half-yearly installments. Additionally, there is a balloting process after every one year, ensuring transparency and fairness in the allocation process. This flexible payment structure aims to make investing in Lahore Entertainment City accessible to a wide range of individuals.

Lahore Entertainment City Features

  • Theme Park Community
  • Performing Art Center
  • Film Studios
  • Multiple Cinemas
  • Free Wi-Fi Spots
  • Traffic Management
  • Parks
  • Urban Forest
  • Female Sports Center
  • Aquatic Center
  • Kids Sports Center
  • Multi-Sports Center
  • Karting
  • 250 Feet Main Boulevard
  • Underground Power Supply
  • Cctv Surveillance
  • Town Center
  • Commercial Hub
  • 5 Star Hotel
  • Grand Masjid
  • International School
  • Hospital
  • Glow Garden
  • Spring Garden

Lahore Entertainment City Theme Park

Lahore Entertainment City boasts an impressive 80-acre theme park, meticulously designed by international consultants. The project extends over 120 acres, encompassing business and hospitality zones, including a 5-star hotel and high-rise buildings for shopping and living.

Why to invest in the Lahore Entertainment City?

Investing in Lahore Entertainment City by Al Jalil Developers is more than a real estate venture; it’s an immersive experience. The project pays homage to sports with multiple centers for aquatic activities, dedicated spaces for females, and indoor sports facilities. Lahore Entertainment City isn’t just a living space; it’s a dream unfolding where you’re the star, walking the red carpet of light. This Al Jalil Developers project promises an unparalleled blend of entertainment and lifestyle.


Lahore Entertainment City, an ambitious venture by Al Jalil Developers, stands as a beacon of modern living, entertainment, and connectivity. With its strategic location near prominent landmarks and ongoing efforts to secure regulatory approvals, this project promises a lifestyle that combines luxury and convenience.

As Pak Asia Marketing, we highly recommend investors seeking opportunities in Lahore to consider investing in Lahore Entertainment City. The diverse living options, top-notch amenities, and the commitment to regulatory compliance make it a promising choice for those looking to invest in the thriving real estate market of Lahore. Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking project, where innovation meets investment, creating a space that redefines contemporary living.

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