Friend’s Arcade 5
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Friend's Arcade is a series of remarkable project in Islamabad located in G-15, F-15, E-16 and Faisal Town. This high-rise marvel combines apartments, offices, and brand shops, redefining urban living. The building offers contemporary apartments, providing residents with a seamless blend of living and commercial spaces. Professionals benefit from modern office spaces strategically located at the heart of the city. Additionally, brand shops within the building provide convenience and a vibrant atmosphere.

Friend’s Arcade 5

Introducing Friends Arcade 5, a 7-story multipurpose building designed for modern living. With 2 stories dedicated to activities and 5 floors offering residential apartments, experience a perfect blend of privacy and security. This project is a collaborative effort of esteemed and experienced firms: This project is a joint venture of leading real estate marketing & developer professionals in Islamabad. Experience urban living redefined with Friends Arcade 5.

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At Pak Asia Marketing, our Commercial Projects stand as beacons of success and prosperity. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or a budding business owner, our strategically located commercial spaces offer a dynamic environment for growth.

Invest in Friend's Arcade for versatile opportunities!

Retail Shops

Unlock the potential of Islamabad with Friend's Arcade Retail Shops. Strategically located for maximum visibility, these spaces offer versatile designs, making them perfect for investment, rental income, or brand launches.

Friend’s Arcade 5
Friend’s Arcade 5
Office Spaces

Explore a new era of office spaces at Friend's Arcade. Strategically located in Islamabad, these offices combine prime location advantages with modern amenities. Ideal for businesses seeking a dynamic and thriving environment. Elevate your workspace – choose Friend's Arcade.


Experience the epitome of luxury living at Friend's Arcade. Nestled in Islamabad's prime location, these apartments offer a perfect blend of comfort and sophistication. An ideal choice for those seeking a stylish and convenient lifestyle. Redefine your living experience – choose Friend's Arcade Apartments.

Friend’s Arcade 5
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Discover a new era of modern living, working, and business facilities at Friend's Arcade. Immerse yourself in advanced features that epitomize contemporary living. Whether it's the innovative design of living spaces, state-of-the-art work environments, or cutting-edge business facilities, Friend's Arcade sets a benchmark for a truly modern experience.
Friend’s Arcade 5
Friend’s Arcade 5
Friend’s Arcade 5
Friend’s Arcade 5
Water Supply
Friend’s Arcade 5
Friend’s Arcade 5
Emergency and Rescue
Friend’s Arcade 5
Friend’s Arcade 5
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Project Location

Friend's Arcade, strategically situated in B Block main Markaz of Faisal Town, offers unparalleled accessibility:

• 2 minutes from M1 & M2 Motorway
• 5 minutes from Srinagar Highway
• 15 minutes from Quaid e Azam International Hospital
• 10 minutes from Islamabad International Airport
• 15 minutes from Zero Point
• 20 minutes from F-06 & F-07

This extraordinary location makes Friend's Arcade the ideal investment, ensuring business success and high rental returns. Do not miss this prime opportunity in the heart of convenience.

About The Developer
Pak Asia Marketing

Pak Asia Marketing & Builders boast a rich legacy in real estate marketing and construction, with a successful record of accomplishment in delivering diverse projects in Islamabad. Our extensive portfolio encompasses high-rise developments, homes, and villas. From conceptualization to construction, we offer a comprehensive suite of real estate services.

Our team at Pak Asia Marketing comprises seasoned professionals, including engineers, architects, workers, and marketers. With a commitment to excellence, we provide modern real estate solutions, leveraging the latest construction equipment and machinery. Trust us for a seamless journey from vision to reality in the realm of real estate.

With a proven record of accomplishment, we have successfully delivered various residential and commercial projects across different sectors of Islamabad.

Friend’s Arcade 5
Friend’s Arcade 5